Bad Hack Fools High-end Computers, Sparks Selloff

Did you catch Tuesday’s hack of the Associated Press’ Twitter account? Unless you watch the markets closely or are a news junkie, you may have missed it. Just after 1:00pm EST, hackers took control of the A.P.’s Twitter account, and sent out a phony tweet that claimed the White House was under attack and the … Continue reading

Inside a TV Newsroom During a National Tragedy

Inside a TV Newsroom During a National Tragedy

  Article first published as Boston Bombings Magnify TV News Mistakes on Blogcritics. Monday’s media coverage of the Boston Marathon explosion showed the incredible value of traditional journalism combined with social media. Within minutes of the explosion, you could turn on the TV or jump online to see video, pictures and witness descriptions of the chaos that … Continue reading

7 Steps To Control Your Finances

Do you have a smart phone? Eat out  a few times a week? Treat yourself with afternoon lattes?  Millions of Americans do. Unfortunately, too many people shouldn’t, because they simply can’t afford it. So why do people do it, to keep up with the Joneses? To keep up with co-workers? To live the American dream? Too … Continue reading

5 Steps to Fix Your Bad Credit History

Many people I know have bad credit histories. These aren’t deadbeats or scam artists. They are smart, educated, honest, active, healthy adults who never learned how to handle money. Much like with parenting, how you handle money is inherited. Unless someone teaches you differently along the way, and it sticks, you will most likely follow … Continue reading

Quit Ignoring Your Credit Report

A bad credit report can be confusing and embarrassing, but you can’t just ignore it. Your credit won’t get any better if you pretend it doesn’t exist. In fact, every month that you ignore your credit history will only make it harder to fix. I don’t care why you have a bad credit history.  Some … Continue reading

Making Cents of Tuna Recall

Have you seen the tuna recall lists for Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea brands this week? In both cases, a problem at the same production plant caused some of the cans to have inadequate seals. Both companies say no one has gotten sick. But improperly sealed cans can spoil, so they want you to just throw it out. … Continue reading